A Wonderful Review of the First Anniversary of MW Test Online Line

5 min readApr 20, 2021


In the past decade, the trend of decentralization represented by bitcoin has spread rapidly. People try to improve all aspects of the business model with the new idea of “decentralization”. In the field of data storage, a new business distributed storage, which hopes to reduce the cost of cloud storage, is born by means of idle storage space and bandwidth resources.

As an important representative of blockchain + distributed storage,MW has been mature to apply IPFS and distributed storage technologies to storage applications, and has been committed to developing distributed storage and blockchain related technology promotion, experiment and landing application.

On April 18th, 2020, MW test network of mirror network was officially launched, and online backup was attracted attention, attracting many investors in distributed storage and traditional blockchain.

What kind of storage network is MW? What is its characteristics that can be favored by many organizations and users? Let’s look for answers to these questions step by step.

1.In terms of technology

Mirror world network (MW) is a file system which combines blockchain and distributed storage. It is a commercial incentive layer based on IPFS, which is based on the interstellar File protocol. It hopes to build easy-to-use and available distributed applications.

MW, as a distributed storage system, provides file storage and retrieval services for users. Market participants include: users, storage providers, blockers, observers and certifiers. Different participants take different responsibilities in the network and jointly maintain the network and economic operation.

In terms of security, MW network ensures the security and privacy of user data through three strategies: data encryption, data fragmentation and multi backup.

In the economic model, MW constructs a market-oriented economic system. Each participant realizes the operation of the economic system through market cooperation and game. In addition, MW introduces deflation mechanism, and 50% to 100% of the transaction handling fee will be burned. From the token economy, more than 70% of tokens are used to motivate miners.

2.In terms of landing

MW takes the lead in proposing distributed data center, and uses blockchain + distributed storage file system + data center architecture to build a solution that can upgrade or replace centralized data center, traditional IDC and commercial services.

Distributed data center, according to the definition of distributed storage, uses the network to connect thousands of storage servers to form a virtual super storage server to solve the super large-scale problems that cannot be solved by a single storage server. Distributed data center not only makes a single storage server into a virtual super storage server, but also makes multiple data centers network to form a multi center service network.

Blockchain provides a strong guarantee for the operation of distributed data center. The operation data of each data center and node storage server are recorded in the chain through blockchain account book, realizing the functions of workload proof, data distribution adjustment, data archiving, multi role management, etc.

Distributed storage is far superior to centralized storage in security, reliability and disaster tolerance. It is becoming a new choice of data storage with new business products. MW is a good representative. Through distributed data center, it can save at least 70% of the storage cost for enterprises.

3.From the operation aspect

During the MW test network, the total number of transactions on the chain has exceeded 100000, the number of qualified miners on the chain has exceeded 7000, the number of nodes in the whole network has exceeded 13000, the certified storage capacity of the whole network has reached 1130.72pb (nearly 1eb, equivalent to 145000 8tb hard disks), and the number of coin holding addresses in the test network has exceeded 26000.

Since one year ago, 80000 members of the community have been online tested. At the same time, MW has joined two major international professional organizations, SNIA and ICA.

MW is included by authoritative data institutions such as coinmarketcap, coingecko and coincost. As an authoritative website of global encryption, coinmarketcap provides a fair and reliable information reference source for global cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Coingecko and coincost, as overseas third-party cryptocurrency inclusion websites, objectively provide real-time price, transaction and transaction volume for global users.

At the same time, community members also carry out a number of R & D with the help of MW bottom platform:

1)PS.ZONE (permanent storage zone) is developed by a group of network storage technology enthusiasts. It uses MW underlying technology and storage space, and will provide permanent storage service in the form of two-dimensional code in inboxes all over the world.

2)Founded in 2014, my sky data, a free network disk, announced that its storage layer will be upgraded to mirror world network, officially becoming a member of MW ecology. My sky data has been committed to providing users with free file storage, backup and synchronization services to create a stable and fast storage experience.

3)Mobile wallet “IMW”, small tools and block browser are developed by MW ecological developers and used by community members.

4.In terms of support

Huobi pool announced that it has officially become a MW node operator. This time, the MW and Huobi pool will join forces to enable MW ecology in an all-round way.

Okchain formally invited MW to develop. At present, MW has established good communication with the senior management.

Hebe wallet, a Multi Chain Wallet, has been put on the shelves and supports Android and IOS versions. As a decentralized wallet, Hebe wallet has very high security. Its server does not save any account information. At the same time, it can manage Multi Chain wallets with a set of mnemonics, say goodbye to complicated backup, use local signature, avoid mnemonics networking, and reduce the risk of theft.

MW launched the “live seeding plan”, which will bring free storage space for MCN live broadcasting institutions, anchors, up hosts and short video hosts (institutions or individuals) on MW network for limited time and quota.

MW was officially launched on the exchange on December 10, 2020. After the launch, the foundation actively launched the recycling work. At present, it has bought back more than 10000000 MW from the secondary market, and has entered the destruction address of 4 million MW.

5.Next step development

MW chain as a primary public chain form, cross chain docking with other chains is a problem. At present, it takes about 10 minutes to confirm a transfer of MW chain, and new payment public chains (such as heco, okchain, BSC) perfectly solve this problem. Therefore, MW will continue to develop cross chain functions for better user experience.

In addition, the exchange ratio between HMW and MW is 10:1. According to the market situation, the initial circulation quantity of HMW is controlled at 500000–2 million.

At present, the development of the main network is proceeding in an orderly way. All this is just the beginning. We believe that this year will be a year of frequent outbreaks in the field of distributed storage.