MW Mainnet Node Declaration Method

2 min readApr 19, 2021


Dear MW miners and fans:

We have just passed the first anniversary of the test network. Since the test network was officially launched on April 18, 2020, we have received more than a thousand applications from miners. At that time, there were no restrictions on the miners’ node declarations, resulting in the highest time for the entire network. There are more than 13,000 nodes, and this is also one of the stress tests.

The node statement represents the initial review of the network, that is, there is a preliminary review mechanism for the configuration of the device and the network, so that it can operate stably when connected to the main network and quickly network with other nodes. Therefore, node declaration is extremely important work. After consultation with all parties, we have formulated the MW mainnet node declaration method:

1. How to declare a node on the main network?

After the mainnet goes online, the node declares to use the mechanism of destroying the mainnet TOKEN. The preliminary idea is to dynamically adjust the number of nodes in the entire network. The more nodes the more MW will be destroyed, and the fewer the nodes, the less MW will be destroyed. This will be done every two weeks. Adjustment of the amount of destruction, that is, adjustments up to two times a month

We believe this move is conducive to the activity of the node trading market and gives miners more room for development.

2. Is there a limit on the number of nodes?

After multi-party negotiation, we decided to have no more than 1333 nodes on the whole network (not including official nodes, within 35) within 60 days after the mainnet is launched to the block reward (excluding the mainnet pre-launch period), and there will be no upper limit thereafter.

3. How to get the first batch of node declarations?

Destroy the testnet MW to obtain the declared quota of mainnet nodes;

We will carry out the redemption of the mainnet node declaration quota from May to June, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Node 1–333 stated that 30,000 testnet MW will be exchanged for a mainnet quota.

Node 334–1333 stated that 50,000 testnet MW will be exchanged for a mainnet quota.

The specific method will be announced later. Users who participate in the lock-up of the main online line can participate in the exchange. There is no upper limit for each person, and whoever destroys first wins the quota.

Beginning on April 19, 2021, MW mainnet has officially entered the launch period, and we will continue to release information related to the mainnet economic model.

Thank you for your support!

Mirror World Foundation (Singapore)