Start brand strategy adjustment and upgrade MW main network image logo

2 min readMay 27, 2021

According to official news, MW will start an important strategic adjustment. In order to show the brand new charm, brand identity system upgrade and main network image upgrade have been completed.

It is reported that MW’s new round of brand strategy adjustment will take distributed storage as a bridge to form an organic integration of business and life application vertical scenarios, and provide users with a new distributed storage service with more diversified integration, high efficiency and easy use.

On the basis of the optimization and upgrading of the underlying architecture of the new storage network, MW will launch a new layout in the vertical distributed storage market, the international distributed storage market, the Multi Chain distributed storage market integration, and the storage commercial application, so as to comprehensively help users and enterprises improve the quality experience and value ecology of distributed storage.

MW, as a brand of product system based on distributed storage and an important representative in the field of blockchain + distributed storage, has matured to apply IPFs, distributed storage and other technologies to storage applications, and is committed to the development of distributed storage, blockchain related technology promotion, experiment and landing applications. It has become a member of SNIA, the most authoritative storage organization in the world.