Token Description of MW Test Network

2 min readMay 17, 2021


Dear MW miners and fans:

At present, it has entered the start-up period of MW main network, and the technical team has been testing the new network. The new network configuration is high and consistent with the fil standard. At the same time, the economic model will also refer to the fil. We will make a relatively large adjustment on the notary mechanism, so that the network can really store effective documents and achieve real application.

The community has always been concerned about the use and exchange of token in the test network. In particular, token in the test network is generated in the open test of MW, which is equivalent to the activity airdrop or competition income before the main network goes online, which is equivalent to the main network token.

We hope that at least 70% of the test network token can be turned into the fuel for the main network to start. Before that, the lock volume of the main network has been more than 36 million MW, and the official destruction of more than 4 million MW. This part adds up to more than 40 million MW. Through calculation, the external circulation is about 60 million MW (including mining, investor release, activities, institutional cooperation, etc.).

Through a series of activities, we will let 70% of the test network token participate in the exchange of pledge currency of the main network. According to the single T pledge amount of fil (5.16), the required space amount, and the current market price conversion between fil and MW, we need to burn 22500 MW / TB to exchange 1TB pledge currency for the main network. According to the target of 70 million, the initial installed capacity is 3000tb (Note: the maximum installed capacity of 1300pb for MW test network).

Conversion method:

If the current fil price is 110 u and the pledge amount is 1TB / 10fil, the pledge amount is 1100 U.

The current MW price is 0.02 u. if it reaches 50% of the pledge amount of fil (550u), it needs 22500 MW.

We will calculate again according to this method before the main network goes online.

Tip: Recently, the whole crypto digital currency market fluctuates greatly. I hope you can think more and observe more, and do not blindly participate in the project, so as to avoid greater losses.

Thank you for your support!

Mirror World Foundation (Singapore)